Vacuum Metalizing Equipment
  • Evaporated Vacuum Coating Machine

    Contact NowEvaporated Vacuum Coating MachineModel 1800 Vertical double door high vacuum coating machine Vacuum coating machine description 1. This equipment is mainly used for steamed after pretreatment of plastic products surface metallized orRead More2016-01-19

  • Magnetic Control Vacuum Coater

    Contact NowMagnetic Control Vacuum CoaterThe technological principle of the magnetron sputtering coating How the membrane materials are plated to the parts? Sputtering principle of plasma bombardmentSputtering is closely related with our lifRead More2016-01-19

  • Optically Coated Machine

    Contact NowOptically Coated MachineOptically Coated Machine DescriptionWhat is optical thin film?optical thin film refers to the components on the plating on a layer or multilayer film to change the light propagation characteristics, iRead More2016-01-19

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